Square1 is Indiana Primetime Sports’ activity program geared toward developing the athlete and student. Our program has a wonderful reputation of building a child’s desire to get moving and participate in a variety of activities.
The children in our program get to experience sports and activities for 2-3 weeks at a time giving them ample time to become confident with each activity.
We have developed a program we are able to bring out to a variety of locations and for a variety of age levels. We teach at Montessori Schools, Religious Schools, and other learning centers.

Did you know…Square1 leads classes at the following schools:

● Indiana Montessori Academy
● Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation
● Park Tudor

Why Primetime?
Parents ask the questions consistently; What makes Indiana Primetime Sports so wonderful? Fortunately we have many wonderful answers to these questions.

● We have well trained, seasoned, coaches with years of experience working with children.
● The majority of our staff have degrees in elementary and secondary education.
● The goal of Indiana Primetime Sports is to create a well balanced athlete. We strive to involve the athletes in environments which build their self-esteem and knowledge of various sports and activities.
● Indiana Primetime Sports strives to provide an atmosphere that is fun and challenging at the same time.

Why Square1?
● Square1 introduces children to a variety of activities and sports geared toward each child’s ability and skill level.
● Consistent modifying is a main goal for the Square1 program. All of our instructors have experience in making sure children are involved in activities where personal growth is a main goal as well as confidence and self-esteem building.
● Square1 activities focus on hand-eye coordination, building fine and gross motor skills, teamwork skills, and overall athleticism.


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please Contact Brandon Lafferman